In business we must continually plan, execute and evaluate.

  1. Plan: Most business folks have some sort of plan. Some have long range plans. Some have annual plans. Most have at least a “to do” list to help plan their day.
  1. Execute: Most business folks also execute.  The key to good execution is good planning. Focus on your plan and follow through those activities that will advance the plan.  We all do something every day.  The key question is whether or not what we do is advancing our plan.
  1. Evaluate: This is where most business folks fail.  For us to be continuously learning and improving we MUST evaluate our activities and results, and take time to measure them.  In failing to evaluate, in failing to measure your activities and results, you are doomed to simply waking up and repeating.  This is why most business people never make significant advances.  It’s because they wake up and repeat.  Some people spend most of their business careers waking up and repeating, and never really understand why they weren’t more successful.

If you would like to learn the process of planning, executing and EVALUATING, I would like to offer you a first ever free look into my Success System, which I developed, to do just that.  In fact, my Success System won a Ben Franklin award from the Printing Industries of America Association.  To my knowledge, it’s the only planning system in the printing and promotional products industry that has ever won an award.


Success-Planning-System-Cover-p2I am pleased to share my Success System with any industry professional that wants to learn this process and commit themselves to continually learning and improving.  Just email me at and ask for your free Success System Planner.  No cost.  No obligation.

Some may ask why I would offer this to folks that may be my competition.  First, I believe that a high tide raises the level of all the boats.  Second, our real competition isn’t each other, rather it’s the other media competing for the share of marketing and operation spending.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping make our industry better, one person at a time.


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