Happy New Year. From the day this article is published, you have 360 days left in your new year. You have a clean slate. A fresh opportunity.

What will you accomplish with these 360 days?

Dream big.

Businesses in North America spend almost $300 billion per year on printing and promotional products. You are within an hour drive of $250 million to $2 billion in total potential sales. And there’s no law that says you can’t get it all.

If you heard there was $250 million to $2 billion buried in your backyard, my guess is that you would start digging hard to get to it. Well, there is $250 million to $2 billion in your “backyard.” Now is the time to start “digging” to get more of it.

I believe there’s no excuse for not making at least $500,000 per year in this business—unless you choose not to. How do you choose not to make $500,000 per year? The answer is simple. It’s when you choose instead to major in the minors. You choose not to make $500,000 per year or more when you focus on minor administrative details that keep you stuck behind your desk.

A simple test to see if you are choosing not to make $500,000 per year is whether or not you are spending most of your time behind your desk. There’s no money behind your desk. There’s only money being in front of prospects and customers. Here are three simple steps to make more than $500,000:

Commit to changing your results. Commit to making more than $500,000. Tell yourself and anyone who will listen that this is your dream and goal.

Identify all the administrivia you are doing that keeps you behind your desk and delegate it or outsource it.

Spend at least half of your day in front of prospects and customers. (And for business owners, recruiting and managing sales reps and working on acquisitions too.)

You have 363 days. There is $250 million to $2 billion buried in your backyard.

Start digging!


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